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Monday, May 30, 2011

Lazy Monday

Yes! it is Monday Monday...
4 more days to Saturday!!!!

I wish everyday is school holiday... less traffic jam.
So all children you no need to go to school , home schooling will be better :)

What I do last weekend?
Breakie at Old Town Jaya One on Sat with X Office mate.
Then shop at my favorite store.
Back home and then out again to try my luck for kungfu panda aka my brother.:)
But no luck ...end up eating yeah! me eat eat eat what else you want me to do.

Today ah!!!! look at that table of mind...mmmmm long day today especially my Bos is flying into Malaysia. I can't see the light for me to off early this week.

Now my mood swing is swinging up and down.

How nice if I don't choose to be greedy....
Then my life would be a lot easier!!!!!

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