Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Medan Trip - The Food

Seafood Porridge for lunch @ Marrybrown before take off to Medan

My 1st night dinner
- at Jala Jala Restaurant next to where I stay. Conveniently, the place I stayed in Medan connecting to small Shopping Mall call The Cambridge Mall. It is a Chinese Style Restaurant. I taste some of their best dim sum.
Since I only eat seafood , my dim sum choice is with prawn.
Guess, my cholesterol level still shooting up even after two weeks back from Medan. :)

Forgot the name - outer base is from bread and the filling is prawn with some sauce. Juicy inside and crispy from the outside. Delicious!

Owh! still prawn inside. The skin is soft and with sticky milk. Sweet! but still good taste though...

Seafood fried rice. Not bad!

Grilled fish rice. I love the butter rice..mmmmm delicious! but the minus is the fish is too sweet.

Dumpling with prawn inside

Seafood tomyam Medan style. OMG!!!! too sweet and taste yucky! :( thumbs down

Seriously this one is nice ... fresh prawn inside those wrap.

2nd day

- breakfast at hotel buffet. Food are variety and international style.

1st round choice-freshly made pancake with butter & honey and I tried their famous layer cake too

2nd round breakfast at 2nd day - freshly bake waffle with butter&honey and also omelet with mushroom filling.
I need to eat more because I could only eat dinner and skip my lunch because the journey I am going to take does not allow me to stop to eat lunch due to hygiene concern.

Teri Fish Fried Rice for 2nd night dinner

Yeah bought my dinner from Nelayan Restaurant

Cheese Fingers - local snack I bought to taste.... 2 stars

3rd Day

1st round breakfast buffet at hotel - Pecal - one of the famous local food. Steam vegetables with peanut sauce. Not bad!

2nd round breakfast buffet - fresh waffle with honey&raisins plus some local cakes

3rd round breakfast buffet - fruit cocktails

4th round breakfast- pancakes with cheese & honey

3rd day - lunch @ famous Minang food Restaurant call ' Garuda Restaurant'.
This restaurant is everywhere around Medan and operate 24/7. Their restaurant also well presentable.

Kuinin juice - one type of Mango..... not really like this :( but at least I tried hehehehe

Thank God! the table I choose is the small one... their custom is to bring whatever dishes in their restaurant out and put on your table. They will only charge the food you touch. Not bad and good experience.

Tea time - Yogurt at J&Co @ Sun Plaza

Here comes 3rd day dinner(i mean final dinner @ Medan) - Honey lemon for drink

Famous Murtabak Mesir - basically crispy skin and the filling is from egg & some herbs leave and dip it with sour gravy

Juicy prawn burger

Crispy prawn

Prawn fried rice - look at that green colour bird eye chillies...... hot hot hot

I enjoy and grateful for every meals I had during my time there in Medan.
I could not explore too much of street food since I am too concern of their hygiene.
Most of the place are quite dirty on the street.
My preference still the restaurant beside my hotel. :)

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