Thursday, May 26, 2011

Recruitment Again and Again

The most sickening weeks is doing recruitment.
Yeah! whats up with all the youngsters nowadays???
They are not determined enough to face the challenge in real world.
I guess something wrong with education system which promoting spoon feeding to all these people.

Most of them find blaming people is the best solution to run away from problem rather than facing the fact and deal with it.

I advertised for Accounts & Admin Assistant position.
Requirement :
* Female
* At least LCCI Higher or Diploma in Accounting
* English speaking
* Knowledge in UBS software
* Fresh Graduate preferred

My in box received almost 60 applications mostly Bachelor Degree mostly in Finance and I have few guys applicants too. Not too mentioned most of the candidates expected salary is RM3,500 and above per month. I also have 3 candidates with MBA applied. Not too mentioned Graduate from Bachelor Degree of Physics, Social Science and many other craps!

Oh! God is it the market is that bad or just simply click apply?

Here goes when calling them for interview....

Response receive will be :

* Who?
* What position do I applied?
* I have to check on my schedule first
* Some even said they are not free

My girl at the other end who diligently tried to call the candidates in for interview need to drink more and more coffee to cure her frustration with the response.Poor girl!

When I was reading one of the resume, it was hilarious....

One girl trying to explain on why she left her current company and wrote :

Previously me and my husband worked at same company. So I am ridding my husband to work.......

I could not continue reading her essay anymore.... OMG!!!! OMG!!!!

My mind has gone wild....

Imagining she was ridding her husband to work wakakakaka....

When I remember her story, I laugh in toilet, I laugh in the lift , I even laugh while driving back home and even while talking to phone.... Ah!!!!!! I am going crazy because of this girl.

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