Wednesday, June 15, 2011

City Hunter

My new Hot wall paper.... o la la la..

Below my is personal view only and if don't agree please don't comment further and leave me alone.... why??? because this is my space duh! (yeah yeah me with my childish act..aigoooo)

When I almost forgotten Go Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flower  here comes that cool image appear again in front me:)
Lee Min Ho still hot!!! hot! hot!
I have been waiting to see another side of Lee Min Ho acting skill.
What can I say , he is still cool though!

New drama and still on going filming.
I have watched up to episode 6.
On 13th June 2011, Min Ho involved in car accident during filiming.
No major injury, Min Ho back to shooting set the next day!
Yeah! this man really show his professionalism. Salute you!
Work hard while you still young and hot!

City Hunter drama based on Hojo Skasi comic. It is all about revenge, action, love,romance,jealousy,killing,plotting,conspiracy.

Up to episode 6 , I still can see the sterotype act from him. However, compare to Personal Taste drama I can see his improvement in his acting skill.
Lee Min Ho fighting!!!!!

Can't wait for the next episode.

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