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New year eve...busy sorting down my past year bills filing while watching Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers and eating kit kat when I feel I need a break....yeah fanatic fan of Lee Min Ho. I watched that Drama for many many many times. That baked beans is my first breakfast in year 2014. My lunch treat for year 2014 is this 'meed siam with spicy squid' and  hot lime juice at old town Then off to TESCO to shop for my Joy Garden Old folk house for my giving back to society project. Bought lots of food stuff for those aunties and uncles. Hopefully, this deed could help me when God call me....please call me in peaceful way! There you simple entry for what I did on 1st Jan 2014.


I need to cross to Taipa to go to Venetian City . I took public bus to Ferry Terminal. Then from Ferry Terminal I took free shuttle to Venetian City. As usual in the public bus, I was called by one philipines woman....since the bus was full then I need to stand. That lady was looking at me...then slowly she keep saying this to me... philipines? philipines??/ I smiled at her and shook my no.. Owwwhhh!!! you look like philipines???? really look like philipines??? I just smile... yeahhh..people are looking at me...oh goshhhh!!! Indonesian??? she continue again.... I shook my head again with no no.. yeahhh...keep guessing!!! where you from???? she asked again... persistent to know where I am from??? huh??? I am from Malaysia!!!! Finally , I said it! Owwwhhh!!! she replied...face look like philipines... Me just smile and replied...yeah yeahhhhh...we philipines,malaysia,indonesia, vietnam,thailand,myanmar.... same face!!!   In my h


From small alley and peaceful place...I walked towards the main road...yeahhh!!! found this! Havoc!!! full of! eating!...yeahhhhh...this is how the human live!   Forget about the stream of human...under the hot sun ...I walked around while imagining...I am just alone there by myself. I use my 6 dimension thinking...while walking, I imagine myself walking around at Portugal - cobbled stones, colonial architecture and lots of chathederals architectures around.... Oh yeahhhh!!! I am in Portugal...WTH! The heat really ruined my imagination.... so hot!!! I really turned into dark choco brownie!       Egg tarts, almond cookies, ginger candies, grilled pork.. shop shop shop shop and shop...oh WOW!!!! this is life all about is it???? Eat , shop, sleep , gamble and on  and on????   Sea urchin's man!!! he so sporting!!! kekekeke   jeng jeng...remind me of Geum Jan Di in BOF scene...she just came to Macau to pursue Gun Ju

A walk to remember

Like many others... I have memories to remember my younger time. The smells of refreshing 'old trees'.... Calming green lake.... Peaceful view of tree branches bowing down to the water... What a lovely scene.... I just love this beautiful nature... I want to remember this forever....     For old time memory sake....hhehehehe ...WTH!!!!   Oh Gosh!!!!! ridiculous scene...trying to do the surfing pose...WTH!!!! I guess my photographer almost rolling to the ground trying to capture me...WTH!!!   'Chatime' at Taiping Lake Garden   This is nothing got to do with lake garden but trying my best to be a obedient daughter... By eating this 'roti telur' for breakfast???? Nay!!!!!! Waking up early morning... and that morning happen to be raining day... The feeling to force yourself to get out of warm comfortable blanket...Gosh!!!! For my parent sake.... End up volunteering to drive them to morning market....ear


Confession of not so die hard fan of Lee Min Ho Sorry Lee Min Ho... When I heard you are coming for mini concert in Malaysia...I can't help imagine you jumping up and down on the stage. I don't think I want to watch that...why? I only see you as a jumping up and down...mmmmm doesn't suit you. Mini album?? Huh? Thought you just doing cover version on others song... I am wrong... Found out recently you are singing your own song. Your own original song... Listen to your album last night... WTH!!! I am totally in love with your full mini album song. My favourite is 'Without you' . 'Love Motion' and 'Piece of Love' I am totally love your voice and all the songs. Congrats! you mesmerised me with your deep husky voice....another achievement from my favourite actor. Not just your look but your talent is totally DAEBAK! Great work! Waiting for your next Drama 'The Heir' soon.... Published on May 22, 2013 ★


    Oh!!!!...feeling flowers dancing all over my head.... Not that I knock my head somewhere and feel dizzy.... Yeah!!! I am having 'Kkotminam' aka Pretty Boys fever right now...     The ticket price.... Jeng Jeng Jeng...   Check here...   Tickets will be available starting April 29, 2013 (Monday) at 10am. For VVIP zone tickets, you will only be able to purchase them at the Jazzy office. Ticket prices are listed below: - Zone VVIP : RM 683 - Zone VIP : RM 453 - Zone A: RM 283 - Zone B : RM 183 * Ticket price including RM3 processing fees Uwaaaaa.....   Lee Min Ho can sing mehhhhh???   I only know he only sing one song only.......   Anyway...for those with extra cash to spend to see Min Ho Oppa...sing song and Kenanga City...purchase your ticket now!!!!   Can't wait for Min Ho Oppa new drama The Heirs...coming soon!!!!


      Happy Monday everyone!!! How to start this Monday post,huh? mmmm... my Lee Min Ho is my current muse and Cindy Crawford is my previous muse.   Last night , Chinggu called and said this to me....   Chinggu : Cindy! you know what???? I look at my previous...I mean photo when I was 24 years ago...huh...I look like Lee Min Ho!   Me : Wei!!! lei siaw ar lei!!!! Min Ho your head!!! How can you make my Lee min Ho look so bad by comparing to you?   Chinggu : Serious!!!! now I wonder when I was at school arrr.... many girls will wait outside the gate at my school there....they are waiting for me!!!!   Me : Duh!!!wake up!!!! wake up from your sweet me the proof you look like Lee Min Ho...24 years ago...I will go after you too....hehehehe   Chinggu : Cannot ar...the photo so blur edi!!!   Me : Ceh!!! confirmed liar!!! My Lee Min Ho cannot be compare to anybody la....   Chinggu : Aiya!!! when your Lee Min H

I wish its TRUE

Last Wednesday is in the air again. I  always have this few minutes crush wohohoho...BAD GIRL attitude huh! Anyway this BAD GIRL .... is an angel muawahahahaha... She cause no pain to anybody but herself ... OK... let me tell you what I mean... I slept very late last Tuesday night  - 2am I guess...due to.... mmmmm can't remember  why... Same night I was at my dentist again. Yeah!!!! I am bless with very sensitive tooth. Visiting Dentist is like a must on every two weeks once. Spending my money there is like shopping at PRADA or GUCCI. OMG!!! Never been to those boutiques and I am imagining that...O Whatever! How on EARTH from Bad Girl, Crush come to dentist and how this relate...O well I don't know too. I am writing this entry base on what is in my mind right now. mind sure is hair wire right now. Everything seems so hell break loose huh! Well this is my diary.... I am free to write anything I want...even if it doesn't make sense. I wa

Still at Bersih Rally

Morning traffic was horrible. Road block everywhere and those people just sit there . They don't bother to check on the drivers or what so ever. I was driving and my mind keep wondering what is the whole objective for this road block during the peak hours. For fun? I wish somebody could tell me their objective so I can eliminate this question marks in my head. Look like I need to be prepared to be in horrible traffic everyday. huhuhuhuh The good news is the 'Bersih' thingy will held in close stadium. Thanks God! Meaning I can book my Transformer 3 this Saturday? Is it safe to come out from my 'nest' this weekend? Can I not go shopping for groceries to stock up lots of food and live my life like normal rather than preparing myself to be at war? Ah! seriously not sure what to do now? These few days I don't even have time for myself and do what I like. I end up back from work and jump on the bed because I am too exhausted. I really miss my Min Ho

Research week

Monday started with a wet day. Raining in the morning. I will be busy spending my weekdays with my research on Company Financial and Tax Planning. Feeling like doing MBA studies again.... sigh! More boring subject to me. Hedging oh hedging! Have to study market and see numbers and numbers again..... awwwww!!!! So not cool this week. Yeah! I am so damn lazy to study again and my mind just feel like want to play and play only. Thank God! My Min Ho Drama is airing again this week. Damn! I am in love with him once again..... tall and cool and of course rich with drug money. 3 more days to Saturday.... I can't wait! 2 more months to go for my next adventure... I just can't wait for that too.... Great Wall I will conquer youuuuuuu soooonnnnn!!!!!


Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love, is by far,the truest type pf love - confucious We could watch this act in movie but in real life how many dare to act in such a way? Just finished watching City hunter Episode 8. Heartbroken and painful to watch my Min Ho almost bleed to death to save his so called woman in that drama. Uhuhuhuh... can't wait for Episode 9!!!!! Min Ho faster go shoot the drama day and night ... I want to know the ending.... are you going to be dead because of that woman you love??? Ok enough with my Drama freak for this week... yeah! I can be annoying sometimes!!! ooppppsss!!! most of the times I mean :) Forgiveness is the Ultimate sacrifice - I can't remember where I read this quote. I don't think I am noble enough to act according to both quote. How many of us have big and warm heart like this??? Very rare breed indeed! My heart will be more stubborn and will not forgive people and keep thinking to plot on

City Hunter

My new Hot wall paper.... o la la la.. Below my is personal view only and if don't agree please don't comment further and leave me alone.... why??? because this is my space duh! (yeah yeah me with my childish act..aigoooo) When I almost forgotten Go Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flower  here comes that cool image appear again in front me:) Lee Min Ho still hot!!! hot! hot! I have been waiting to see another side of Lee Min Ho acting skill. What can I say , he is still cool though! New drama and still on going filming. I have watched up to episode 6. On 13th June 2011, Min Ho involved in car accident during filiming. No major injury, Min Ho back to shooting set the next day! Yeah! this man really show his professionalism. Salute you! Work hard while you still young and hot! City Hunter drama based on Hojo Skasi comic. It is all about revenge, action, love,romance,jealousy,killing,plotting,conspiracy. Up to episode 6 , I still can see the sterotype act from him. However


How to resist this temptation? I am talking about Ipad2...... Tempting to order online that 32Gb Gadget from that Apple Store! Can God give me more strength and don't make me loose again this time? I love school holiday. Traffic was smooth like jelly. I like it ! I like it! ahak ahak...:) Boss not around! Time to lofting around.. kekekeke yeah! yeah! as long as I can deliver good result anything will do. Read an article about that covered woman who want all the wife in Malaysia to act like a prostitute in front of husband. Aissshhhh... she better go find something better to get famous over night! Maybe her statement was misinterpreted by the media. We don't know! Whatever it is all woman in the world, please get your feet together and put your head up. Your husband is just a human and they are not God. Come to your senses and  live as individual like normal human did! My Eel Jang Keun Suk was here last week. It was late when my friend told me he has 2 tickets to J

I wish U wish

This morning, almost late than usual due to overslept... Not because I overworked myself but overdreamt lol.. Yup! suppose to do my assignment but end up watching Lee Min Hoo. I wish I live in that world! I know its all fantasy but don't you think its nice to make it reality..mmmm wonderful life! I don't wish myself as Jan Di the girl character. Yeah! character a lil bit the same clumsy, silly and temper! But I don't really have that much courage like her... Today line up 3 candidates to come in for interview from different post. 2 for accounts position and 1 for trainee. End up 1 call said grandma pass away. 1 turn up and the other one said too busy to come today. What the heck??? I wish this people realise how disappointed I am today! The accounts fella... how to say ya... reason leaving current company because he is married and now have kids and need more money! When asked what have you done to upgrade yourself in order to earn more money? The answer is nothing! Simple a

Here goes my coffee bean

Saturday morning... I suppose to get out from my bed at least 7am but I end up rolling rolling like a spring roll until 8.00am. Then went to do allignment for my Tae Bong! End up went to college around 12.00noon. I dont even have time to have breakfast! Here goes my layparking at coffeebean mont kiara isk isk miss that moment very much... Toyota Strategy- ish... heavy readings though! My head feel very heavy and like spinning 'gasing' to see the wordings... amma! Then went to my sis place to check out on her since I feel uneasy because unable to reach her. Good that she is fine! I had wasted half of my Saturday just now. But at least manage to see the sisters and they are all doing quite ok. I am glad... Now I am back and hope to catch up something on my LMP then have to go out again... aiyoh... I am so tired driving today... When can I watch my Transformer and Harry Porter and another film by my x bf Johnny Depp (miss him so much in 21 Jump street last time). See how crazy I a

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