Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dilemma of Lefthanded

Alarm went off this morning at 5.35am.
I tried to wake up but stomach pain plus my head heavy and my left hand feel heavy too.
Oh no!!! what happen to me???
I panic!
I need to go to work!

I try to relax and calm myself down.
I waited until almost 7am...
Still in pain!
What should I do?
Especially my arm... how to drive to work?

Result sms my officemate I will be on MC.
Can't force myself to drive in this condition.

I still waited until almost 11.30am to drive to nearest clinic for some medication.
Doctor prescribed with migraine pills,vein tablet,nerve relaxation pills,muscle relaxation pills and pain killer.
I reached home and currently still staring at that packets of pills and my heart keep saying, eat it or not eat it or not eat it or not?????
Too much pills!!!! How to swallow all this??? ewwww!!! Life is sucks with all this tablets to depends on.
Doc said I need to relax my left arm and don't use for time being.
He said not to think to much and try to calm myself down or I will get mental breakdown.
Whoa!!!! so serious advice???
Me relax???
A bit difficult in my life dictonary.
Unless I go for Thai Massage.... other than that I just can't relax myself at all.
Mr Doctor!!! I am lefthanded how to live without using this portion of my body?
I tried to drive just using my right hand.
Can't do... not enough strength.
I tried to water my plant with my right arm but I feel very awkward.

From now on... I will make use of my right arm as back up for emergency like this.

Poor my left hand. Need a rest because I over used.

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