Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Weekends

I have been lazy for quite sometimes.. lazy to upload my photos and many more...
I realise most weekends I hardly at home for personal time.
I need to do that next week.
We will see whether I could stay still at home next week... ehehehe..

Most my weekends outing full of food enjoyment time.
Yeah! I can't blame anyone for my bloating like balloon body.
Trying hard to loose weight though!
I know this is not easy task but not impossible...

Thank God! Sunday afternoon I manage to get my own time ... while working out with my Hip
Hop work out Videos and Fat & Burn Belly & Abs workout DVD... meantime uploading photos and posting entry into my online diary....

Very good sunday indeed!!!!

Find myself multi tasking and listening to Iron Maiden Phantom of Opera Album.... wow!!!! I must be crazy!!!

Here goes photos of my weekends food from previous one too!

Crispy spring roll .. ...mmmm yummy!!!1

Sunday tea time @ Dave Deli

Owwhhh!!! this is my favourite Haven Chocolate Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream @ Waffle House

Boiled Cockles @ Gear Box Restaurant near to Bangi (taste sucks though)

I love this Penang style Fried mee & koay teow noodles @ Food Republic

I wnet to try out the famous sekinchan ikan bakar last weekend

Here are their menu... you choose you own seafood & they will grilled it for you. Well they count by grams.

Whatever seafood you choose they will grilled with their special sauce. So please expect the same taste for all your seafood ahahahaha but not bad taste though! full of spice and good taste.

Yesterday while trying to go to mid valley and see the line was damn long to enter the parking I went straight to old klang road. Hope to find some unique food. My first time to pearl point. This shopping place is so dead! but manage to find one restaurant call ' Little Jakarta'. By the name you will expect they serve mainly Indonesian food. Then explore other place of old klang road , there are many place to eat and explore.Wow! next time will come here again...

Spicy Sambal Squid with rice. the chillies was not bad taste and not that good

Nasi Uduk! They serve herb yellow rice with grilled chicken and special sambal and tempe

While waiting for my seminar to start at 7pm yesterday, I entertain myself with one chocolate muffin, caramel latte and enjoy my book @ Cititel Hotel Coffee Bean

There goes my Saturday, lending my ears to Milan Doshi talk about How to be rich with property. Not much effect to me. The power of influence not that powerful so they can't really convince me. I be millionaire with my own way!!!! That is all in my mind now!

My Sunday brunch @ Noodle Station

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