Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love, is by far,the truest type pf love - confucious

We could watch this act in movie but in real life how many dare to act in such a way?
Just finished watching City hunter Episode 8.
Heartbroken and painful to watch my Min Ho almost bleed to death to save his so called woman in that drama. Uhuhuhuh... can't wait for Episode 9!!!!!

Min Ho faster go shoot the drama day and night ... I want to know the ending.... are you going to be dead because of that woman you love???

Ok enough with my Drama freak for this week... yeah! I can be annoying sometimes!!! ooppppsss!!! most of the times I mean :)

Forgiveness is the Ultimate sacrifice - I can't remember where I read this quote.

I don't think I am noble enough to act according to both quote.
How many of us have big and warm heart like this???
Very rare breed indeed!

My heart will be more stubborn and will not forgive people and keep thinking to plot on how to get back to them if they hurt me..... huwahahahahahaha (wicked vampire laugh style)
Let me practise to be more warm hearted first yeah!
Then I will be a good person.... but for now let me finish off that person first then I will repent..kekekeke (giggling without any hesitation and regret) ah..... wicked!!!!

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