Friday, July 8, 2011

Bersih Road closure

Still at Bersih ?
Yeah! expected road closure and road block everywhere in klang valley.
Few part that I know will be closed,
Dataran Merdeka , Jln Duta, Federal Highway,Jln Raja Laut,Lebuh Ampang and many more to list down.
My friends over twitter were saying it started very early.
It just a peace rally for goodness sake! Why make it sound so like we are at war???
Sometimes when people are afraid for the truth to come out ... ....oh! whatever!!!!

Just stay at home and bersih your house ok.
So everybody let us pray for our internet connection not disturb by this people who like power so much.
If something wrong my internet connection tomorrow I will be like crazy woman staring at my idiot box.

Transformer 3 bye bye... I see you next week.

I downloaded my City Hunter continuation episode yesterday just waiting for the sub to be out.

Last night reached home around 10.30pm with my tired body.
Tonight I want to rest with peace of mind.

Oh yes!!!! my Sep  5 days Annual Leave application approved.
Great Wall I will conquer you!!!!!!
I can't waitttttt...

Happy Bersih weekend everybody and make sure you bersih you house!!!!! :)

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