Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reason for Job Hopper

Grasshopper is name given to this job hopper.
Looking to my resume history, Big YES! I am one of the Grasshopper. big LOL!
I have my own reason to change my job most of the time and it is among few of the listed below.

Do you know that most of job hopper is only thinking about me me me???
Well, who is not? If you not thinking about you, then who will think about you??? hahaha... it is always about me me me me... right???

Reason for job hopper :

  1. Boring with current place
  2. Not enough enhancement opportunities
  3. See no future for growth ( I guess similar to above)
  4. Hate the boss (most of us did)
  5. no contribution recognition
  6. no reward on contribution
  7. feel devalued
  8. current employer not big enough
  9. no more challenge
  10. loose trust towards company
  11. employer is unethical
  12. don't paid enough money
  13. cannot get along with co worker (loner)
  14. workplace environment is not good
  15. current employer not fit them
What is your reason for job hopping???? Feel free to add in , if not listed here... :)

How to cover up you job- hopping habit to your future employer??

  1. Company close down
  2. Company taken over by other company or merger and they bring in their own team (this is common reason given and safer)
  3. owner retires (applicable to small and medium company)
  4. contractual basis and now looking for permanent job for security (most common reason I received lately)
  5. personality conflicts with managers or other co staff member (I received this reason the other)
  6. health reason (for future employer , careful with this candidate)
  7. limited career progression and development opportunities (good choice of reason)
  8. company move to inconvenient location to commute to work
There are more to list down and I am tired to write further. Do you have anymore to add?

How to overcome a job hopping image?

- Elaborate more about previous work history reason to leave and always display that you were caught in unfortunate circumstances like company close down and so on and on. Don't forget to let them know you are still in good relation with your previous boss.

- Try to demonstrate your are a good worker (an ant)

- Deviate from talking on job hopping history and more towards your contribution, awards, achievement in work. Talk more on your abilities and if this support with some recommendation letter or testimonial and you are doing just GREAT!

DO NOT talk about negative reason on why you leave the job and most important don't bitch about your company and boss.

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