Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slimming deal

Who says I don't like discount?
I am one of those discount freak who always on the look out for great bargain.
We don't need to spend much if we have chance to get good deal right?

I was trying hard to loose weight lately.
Exercise and try my best to watch my food intake and so on.
Not even 100 gm loose on my body fat.
Yeah! it was reverse effect indeed.
Last week when I weight myself I gain extra 1kg.Aiyooo!!!!!

When I was adoring my blog one day and the ad from milk deal came appear in my blog for slimming deal.
Without hesitation I quickly sign up for milkdeal.com.

Deal for the day that caught my eye is

RM38 instead of RM940 for E - Intense Full Body Treatment + 1 Tummy Flat Treatment (96% off)

Yeah! bought it for RM38. Received the voucher instantly after I paid and printed.

Now my problem to use it. Noted on the expiry date on Sep 2011.
mmmmm... I don't know whether I could go there with strong mindset without getting piss off with those desperate sales people to sell me the slimming package. I need to do some strategies before dropping by for appointment to use my voucher. I thought of using this Saturday but my car need to send for regular check up by this week.
I will write all about my trip there soon......

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