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Bad Breath

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I remember gave a short presentation on bad breath in my previous working place. I even handed out mint sweets to my audience.
Fasting or another word Ramadhan month - we heard the most common complaints on bad breath.
Bad Breath in medical term called 'halitosis.

If you want to cure you need to know the causes.

What causes bad breath?
Answer to this question is one word - bacteria!

How does this bacteria inside your mouth?
* dirty tongue - yeah! you brush your teeth but neglected the tongue area.
* cavities
* gum disease
* dirty teeth

How to prevent  bad breath during fasting or ramadhan month?

* Brush your teeth regularly (brush it after every meal)
* Don't forget to floss your teeth the is always left out dirt in between your teeth even after you brush.
* use anti bacterial mouthwash. They do have non alcoholic mouthwash in the market. Non alcoholic mouthwash to prevent dry mouth.
* any cavities in the teeth should be filled
* drink at least 2 - 3 glasses of water in the morning
* brush you tongue clean
* visit dentist for regular check up at least 6 months once.

Well to add to this - bad stomach is also another factor to bad breath.
Watch your diet during Fasting or Ramadhan month.

Islam teaching , encourages followers :

* to be clean
* decent
* pleasant in appearance and smell

Do respect yourself and people around you by keeping you mouth clean from foul smell.
Wash your mouth and gargle it frequently as long as you careful and not to allow the water goes into your stomach during fasting or ramadhan month.

These not limited to just during fasting month and we need to practice good diet , good cleanliness to live healthily.


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