Monday, August 1, 2011

Fasting Month

I asked my colleague just now...

Me : Do you think today will be another horrible traffic during rush hour this evening?
Colleague : ahahahaha... you think you the only one want to go back??? dream on....
Me : (big sigh..) They are suppose to stay at hometown to celebrate breaking fasting with their old folk at home town.
Colleague : You are at which era? Now people celebrate ramadhan at hotel buffet...

Thinking about that....
People nowadays misunderstand the concept of ramadhan.
We don't eat, don't drink,don't do harmful thing to others,don't see bad thing and everything about doing good thing. We trained our-self to feel like poor people or less fortunate feel. Be thankful to what we have right now.

I noticed every year our people here in Malaysia being greedy and wasteful for food especially during this Ramadhan month. We spends a lot too. More clothing, more food, more this and that.

Colleague : Since you said new office hours are 8:30am - 5:30pm... Can I go back at 4:30pm if I don't use my 1 hour lunch time?
Me : So how to calculate your 2 times prayers time during the day?

People calculating to this extend just for their benefit.
I know my question to him not good as muslim myself but they are just over the limit when come to personal benefit.

I worked with one middle east colleague once and I notice he as a muslim never go for prayer during working time. According to one of his housemate he will spend time for long hours prayer during night time to replace for the day time prayer.

Me : Why you didn't go prayer during day time?
Middle east man : In my employment contract never stated I could pray during that hours. I have been paid for that particular hours. If I steal some of time to pray then I am a cheater and not honest to the company. Hours I suppose to work I use it for prayer. I still could make it up to my God during night time by replacing the left out prayer.

Morale of the story - be a good muslim by understand the whole concept of your religion. Don't follow others blindly and end up lost with the crowd.

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