Monday, August 1, 2011

Good Boss

The other day when I wrote about Bad Boss , I received messages from the bosses on why not I write on Good Bosses too. OK ok... I will.
We have good and bad like we have Ying and Yang for everything around us.

Bad Boss
- We hate them and we cursed them too!
- We have no respect towards them at all.
- We dare not step on them

Good Boss
- We love them!
- We praised them and we respect them.
- Sometimes we step on the head too :)

There is Pros & Cons to be good boss. 

Good Boss .....

1. They listened
2. The don't do finger pointing
3. They be your mentor
4. Good communication skills and communicate down the information.
5. High morale
6. Aware and observant
7. Good in recognition and value the employee.
8. Very understanding
9. Roll up the sleeves to go down to the field. They know how the process for every work done.
10. Resourceful and always thinking outside the box to solve problems.

All bosses.... Happy???

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