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Bad Employee

Happy Monday WWW!!!! If yesterday is lazy Sunday today is Monday Blues !!! Normally, on Monday I will be expecting sms from staff reporting they will be late,on EL (self declared extend off day),MC and many more excuses. Nothing much we can do but just to deal with this lazy people. We always bitch or talk about Bad Boss and so on. Now, let us reflect to ourself as an employee and how Bosses categorized their employee. Bad attitude employee : 1. Unreliable 2. Unwillingness to take responsibility 3. Procrastination 4. Resistance to change 5. Negative attitude (this is major gravity to the organisation) 6. Unwillingness to learn 7. Calculating So ??? still wanna bitch about your boss??? Change yourself ,stop whining!!! Be thankful that you still getting your full paycheck at the end of the month!

Control Freak Boss

Did you ever work with control freak boss before? I did! Who are this control freak boss? They are : Micro Manager Driver controller slave driver Well, people in these days and age, jobs are not easy to knock the door upon and we might deal with it rather than just quitting! I know its hard, let us try our best,ok? I once worked with this boss who breathing behind my back 24 hours. The control not just on your work but also on weekend which suppose to be our off day. No boss day! And would want to know who you eat with ,where you go, what you doing and more and more to report to.   During office hours is worst! He even control on the way I answer call and the way I replied to phone calls. Every single thing need to be approved even the way you do thing. Sorry! basically I am just a puppet. That was on my 1st month working with him. Oppsss! forgot to mentioned when I am about to join him, one of person I met in industry had warned me about him.

Managing Up

Managing up! It sounds like we need to be a sucker? Manipulating your Boss? Nay!!!! That is not what it mean..... I survived few difficult bosses and now still surviving of their mental tortured! ahahaha ... just kidding!!! not that bad. For me managing Bosses or managing up , is very challenging task. Too kind to good is too boring for me to work with them. hahahaha... yeah! another psycho statement from me. To me Managing up is more win win situation and benefit to both parties. Most important tips to managing up : 1. Understand you Boss's preferences 2. Be honest and trustworthy (don't be a CNN) 3. Understand boss thoughts and agenda (there is always a reason behind his instruction. If don't know their objective...ASK!) 4. Loyal and committed 5.always come out with solutions instead of create problems 6.Don't give your boss surprises(not funny, OK!!!) 7.Find out your boss weaknesses 8. Know your boss dislike (eg. he hate late comers or hate disorganiz

Good Boss

   The other day when I wrote about Bad Boss , I received messages from the bosses on why not I write on Good Bosses too. OK ok... I will. We have good and bad like we have Ying and Yang for everything around us. Bad Boss - We hate them and we cursed them too! - We have no respect towards them at all. - We dare not step on them Good Boss - We love them! - We praised them and we respect them. - Sometimes we step on the head too :) There is Pros & Cons to be good boss.  Good Boss ..... 1. They listened 2. The don't do finger pointing 3. They be your mentor 4. Good communication skills and communicate down the information. 5. High morale 6. Aware and observant 7. Good in recognition and value the employee. 8. Very understanding 9. Roll up the sleeves to go down to the field. They know how the process for every work done. 10. Resourceful and always thinking outside the box to solve problems. All bosses.... Happy???

Bad Boss

I my previous entry I wrote on 'How to survive difficult Boss'   and  office politics . Working with difficult boss is one of the hardest challenge in work life. Face it! you may love your job but if you hate your boss .... how are you going to continue working??? You won't stay long there... again I repeat this phrase - 'People quit the boss not the job or company'. Find out your boss type or which type of boss , are you???? The Dictator - Their leadership style is authoritative style but open for input and they prefer direct communication style. - they know everything and expect everything to be done on his way. Whoa!!! I worked with one before. Horrible! The Abuser - get ready to be cursed and be hurt. - They are basically is a toxic person. If you kind of sensitive person you may end up your day miserably and in sad!!! The Idiot - ah! this type no nothing about what they are doing. They be your boss because they are luckier

Office Politics

For those who just started work, Welcome to adulthood! Earn some cash , be committed and take responsible. Working life is not as easy as student life. But hey student life is not easy too! Well trust me working life is a lot tougher. Not only all about work you need to concern and be prepared for office politic. Say what? Politic? I am not working in parliament or white house or blue house. Just decent job want to earn cash then live. Hahahaha... don't be so naive. There are people around us when we are working even in animal community they have politic. Office politic can make you loose you job and can make you climb up higher. Well it depends how smart you are in playing this game. Yup! I call this office game instead of office politic. How to make sure you are playing smart game in office? 1. Be focus on circle of imfluence Bitching and complaining is a norm in office world! Gossipping can be the release to your stress. When somebody gossipping about you and tr

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