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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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Office Politics

For those who just started work, Welcome to adulthood!
Earn some cash , be committed and take responsible.
Working life is not as easy as student life. But hey student life is not easy too!
Well trust me working life is a lot tougher.

Not only all about work you need to concern and be prepared for office politic.
Say what? Politic? I am not working in parliament or white house or blue house.
Just decent job want to earn cash then live.

Hahahaha... don't be so naive.
There are people around us when we are working even in animal community they have politic.
Office politic can make you loose you job and can make you climb up higher.
Well it depends how smart you are in playing this game. Yup! I call this office game instead of office politic.

How to make sure you are playing smart game in office?

1. Be focus on circle of imfluence
Bitching and complaining is a norm in office world! Gossipping can be the release to your stress. When somebody gossipping about you and trying to bring you down in front of your boss... don't feel victimised but instead just stay focus to your circle of influence. You may not change on the eventual outcome but you could walk away knowing that you have done the best within the circumtances. Well trust me your boss will come to appreciate you as someone understanding and positive.

2. Don't take side
It is normal you come to the situation where you are the sandwiche. What you need to do? Be focus on business and what is the objective behind the whole situation and never take side. If need arise to comment stay within neutral side and to give more constructive opinion which lead towards the ultimate business objective.

3. Don't get personal
EQ challenge for everybody. You need to build you own alliance which you could tap into. This can cover you during any crisis when ill intention people who trying to screw you up. People tend to remember moment when they were humiliated or insulted. Be nice to people around you and do not burst out! How good you are in your work if other people see you as difficult people to work with and no way your boss will promote you.

4. Know your choice
You can't beat them join them! You read that phrase somewhere? Well its common! That is normal human reaction for survival. Whatever you do make sure your choice are healthy for your growth!

5. What you need to achieve?
Do you know resistence is always difficult and people hate resistence? When conflict situation arise try ti mitigate in peace and try to resolve focus towards the business objective.
Boss will always appreciate someone who is mature , strategic and can be entrusted with bigger responsibilities.

Important note to all .... be humble and think before you talk or act. Always think on the consequences for both. You can make many friends in work place or in life for sure but don't create an enemy!


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