Thursday, August 11, 2011

Project Magic Box

Hello Hello... busy week and I am glad it almost weekend.
Yeeehhhaaaa..... its Friday Friday...

Anyway, I will be responsible to be part of Public Community Service.
Not to forget my Quarterly personal contribution at Joy Home near Semenyih.
This time aswering to plight from Newspaper.
These two adorable children need help for corrective surgery.
That baby girl so cute isn't she?
The boy name Alfin and he is 3 years old.
That cute baby girl name Sylvia is only 1 year old. Owwww... she so baby!!!

My Boss was very generous enough to settle all these two children bill and my role is to deliver the cheque to their parent. I am also organising 'Magic Box' for these two kid.
What is 'Magic Box'?
I will fill box with full of goodies,books and toys for these 2 kids hope to cheer them up after suffering from their surgeries.
At first would want to spend my weekend to make my 'Magic Box' alone but then I decided why not to share it with my other colleague.
I don't know what will the respond like but with or without their contribution, I am determined with my intention and want to make it happen.

Project ' Magic Box' this weekend.

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