Friday, August 5, 2011

Shanghai - In memory

White Snake Lady Legend inside this pagoda

Yup! too boring and too cold...need to move around..and actually I am in the midst of pretending I am Sailormoon..hahaha

Wahhhh!!!! you just want to capture my leg???

Pretending to be Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct but this one decent Sharon... kakakaka wearing jeans

trying to act like beautiful princess but end like princess fiona in shrek

Weather too cold at the bund so my mood a bit out

Strolling with my friend near Xin Tian Di in Shanghai

Strolling again..... yeah the hot and cold ladies!

My lunch is only instant noodles due to cannot get proper food for me... So I am in protest mood!

Oh! whoa!!!!!! I love the back ground behind... look like painting but it is a real live scenery..... 

Do you know where is the most beautiful scenery I have been in Shanghai??? Westlake near Hangzhou. I am also fascinating with Water Town near Zhouzhuang. The magical experience in shanghai is during one of the acrobat show I watched at Shanghai Centre Theatre. The most mysterious place in Shanghai for me is Secret Garden near Suzhou.

Shanghai i want to visit you again one day... this time I will explore you to the fullest....

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