Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why Blogging is good for you

I started blogging since Mar 7, 2009.  The same time I started my MBA class.
I choose blogging to release my stress due to working and studying at the same time.
Being working for almost 16 years and suddenly started to read books and catching up with assignment due date and same time deadlines at workplace, is too much for me.

I started with my 'nonsense' online diary and assume myself talking to everyone in the world.
Yup! sounds a lil like mad woman but blogging helps me to release my stress in life.
sort of my 'punching bag' sometimes.
Talk about happy ,sad and crazy moment of mine!

Do you know why blogging is good for you too???
below are part of reasons to list down to you...
  • Whatever nonsense you want to write in your blog...just do it! Writing can be therapeutic.
  • Blogging can be good hobby because does not require money...FREE FREE FREE ..kekeke
  • Blogging can stretch your mind and keep your brain active
  • Sometimes blogging can make you earn extra cash too, from ads. Example,Just add nuffnang .Many more channel for you to make money from blogging. But no such thing as free lunch! explore you know what is the catch behind.
  • You can make new friends through blogging too
  • Blogging can make you famous and cool. Example redmummy.
  • Blogging can make you more innovative, creative and learn something new. 
  • You can also release your anger through blogging without harming people physically and mentally. Just your mental will be a little bit affected. kekeke
Don't believe me???
Why don't you start now and proof me wrong!
You don't need money just 15 minutes of your precious time and just start it with either using wordpress or blogger.

Happy blogging everyone!

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