Thursday, September 29, 2011


Wangfujing - almost every night I was there.... strolling in the street looking for good food, watching people...interesting place always busy like never end....

One of the night market...nice item once you open your mouth you die.... ehehehe like our Petaling street their starting price is ridiculous... if you can 'huanyu' with them you can get up to 70% off...amazing!!! I don't buy... No 'huanyu'!

Cute little panda...I thought wanna buy this but I am afraid my Min Zhie will get jealous..:(

 everybody busy looking for night snacks

This fella singing opera song on the roof top of one restaurant in busy night market at donghuamen

finally came here on day time..back lane of donghuamen

 don't really know what they sell there...

too many bees...

interesting item... this is actually hats! they can be change in few type of hat design

early morning walking along my hotel towards  Tienanmen 

Interesting ... all houses covered in this small hutong

uncle so tired...

 this bookstore at Wangfujing very big

crossing the road at beijing is very confusing... when you thing you could cross hear comes the honking as if you are not suppose to..they are very rude too..'where is my right as pedestrian huh???' pin pon pin pon

beautiful sun down while strolling in the city

Beijing post box

beijing women... :)

 Beijing Tricycle

Beijing homeless covered all while sleeping .... 

Their authority cleaning up and cutting off excessive tree branches

their street are very clean and you could see these people everywhere sweeping the street and collecting rubbish

this is the photo when I was suppose to be walking toward 'Niujie Street' and end up going to 'Prince Gong Mansion instead... yup! blame it to my lack of left and right differentiation..walking for almost 2 hours and end up go to other place.... wuhuhuhuh anyway worth walking.. Prince Gong Mansion is a great place to explore too..

Famous Beijing Old Cloth Shoes- so sweet!!!!

Notice this sign at one of the small bar in the city

interesting ride kiddo - EXPOSED!!!! half of your butt
One thing I like about Beijing was their folk seems to be full of healthy activities... like this uncle I found him drawing with water brush... and his painting was beautiful. I did snap others like Goddess,Phoenix,Bull and many more. There is another uncle wrote a poetry with the same method. I was told this is part of exercise which is good for old people.

I saw this people dancing happily at one morning while exploring the Beihai Park

This one playing that kicking feather with rubber  while I was exploring Summer Palace

When I was exploring Summer Palace , I notice one thing about Beijing people... their old folk seems to be loving couple

But of course not all... some still have to endure the loneliness too.... isk isk sigh

When I snap this ... I notice they are eating ice cream... sooooo romantic!!!!

see this.... so loving...mmmmmm

This is not the first time I saw this type of baby pants.. I encounter the same in Shanghai while exploring water town at Suzhou.. mostly came from other inner part of china province for convenient purpose the kids just relieve themself anywhere they want..... hhhuhuhuh poor kiddo! EXPOSE!!!!

Next post I will upload on Beijing attraction I visited and my Forbidden French Lover Tales in Beijing..... need to patient because so lazy to upload.


As I mentioned on the other post ,Beijing people eat almost everything and anything.... starfish, crickets ,baby shark,lizard ,dog ,frog,bugs,scorpions and some I can see still alive sticking on those stick wiggle wiggle wiggle crying for help on the innocent death sentence from those street sellers.... isk isk... me feel very sad to see those woggle wiggle bugs and animal on the stick!

 Did you see that??? Baby shark and guess what???? they even sell Shark curry....sigh!

Due to lack of seafood... I forced myself to eat this cute little animal... huhuhuhuh forgive me.... mbek mbek..

Some of their famous biscuits... don't know how it taste but me afraid of lard as ingredient so dare not try this biscuits.

Nutty snack

mmmm ...more street food

Snails???? wow! how they find that many snails for curry????

Look like korean food heh??? spicy rice cake anyone???

Here we go.... the innocent want after death sentence...

Ah!!!! so dead!!!!

Lamb leg anyone????

even the sea urchins and clams

more street food 

the very famous grill food... any part of animal to be grilled... who know some of those are humans'

Tried this thing ... but throw it away with one bite... and go puih puih puih...yuccckkksss!!! don't ask me what is that ????

The seafood that I dare not try

Eat this crab though.... forgive me crabs parent!!!

They eat meat alot.....

They even ok to stand on this long line just for meat

I eat that bao