Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beijing - Achievement

Just came back from Beijing and reach home at 1:00am.
Woke up and the 1st thing I went out to look for my craving.hehehehe Nasi Lemak le...kekekeke

Interesting and eye opener trip.
Lot of walking because I don't do any ground tour. I took subway and bus and mostly walking and walking and walking again. I hurt my ankle my heel and my foot feel very sore. Anyway all the pain is worth it for me!

My list of achievement for this trip ( 16 - 23 September 2011)....

* Mutianyu great Wall
* Underground Ming Tomb
* Forbidden City (full exploration from South to west to east to north...all covered)
* Tianenmen Square (even joined the crowd to watch the flag down ceremony with the background of sundown... amazing)
* Summer Palace (Full exploration)
* Niujie Street
* Beihai Park
* Prince Gong Mansion (covered the whole mansion)
* Xiangshan Park
* Kun Ming Lake
* Xong Shan Lake
* Wangfujing street (every night)
* Hutong
* Silk Street (don't really like there, just like Petaling Street there)
* Donghuamen Night Market (near to Wangfujing so I was there every night too)
* Niujie Supermarket Restaurant
* Don Lai Shun Restaurant
* Dongdan Park
* Beijing Railway Station
* Beijing Financial District

I will upload the photo soon.... and oh... I love the big crunchy peach there. Eat it almost everyday and very cheap.... I love the park there too.

Things I hate the most ... people in Beijing are loud,rude and they are quite dirty especially when they blow their nose with their bare hand in public and clear out their throat in public everywhere...

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