Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beijing - Wangfujing Exploration

Officially give up to upload all photos.
Let me restore all my patience then I will upload more...
For now......

Nasi Lemak with spicy prawns in flight 

Min Zhie travelling with me to Beijing... Yup! I promised to bring her to Great Wall :) 

Beijing Taxi lining up to bring the customers to destination... They charged me almost RM40 to my hotel... around 40km from airport 

Min Zhie testing the bed.... mmmm she love it! 

Not bad this hotel give you internet connection with CPU link to TV monitor... hahaha surfing nuffnang 

1st night exploration to Wangfujing.... I just need to cross the road from my hotel and walk for 10 minutes tio reach Wangfujing....yippeyyy so convenient!!!! 

One of the stalls in Wangfujing street selling all type of goodies from cricket,scorpions,baby shark,crabs,seahorses,snails,worms and many more to list down... I will upload more soon...

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