Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Don't live like chicken

My horoscope today spell out as

" You're at middle of the week and almost the middle of the project which seems to be going slowly and painfully. It won't impress you having to stop this project but this is how things are."

Yesterday I was in the long meeting with all these so called 'high profile' leader. Well.... frankly speaking when they open their mouth to talk I was not impress even a tiny germs size. People love to talk about empowerment,authority,benefits,rights, and bla bla bla... all about their own convenient.

When I brought up the topic on roles and responsibilities which lead to contribution for the company all 'chicken out' and pointing to others.

Morale of these stories...... please be a person with honor and responsible or like I mentioned 'you will become chicken' . It is always services and rewards transaction in our life. No such thing as free lunch!
Hahahaha....Poor chicken in this story.... what that poor animal did until I need to mention.

Don't be afraid to talk and honor your word.
Don't be afraid to take charge if you think you are capable.
Keep your ears open and listen to others....if you think you still have many to learn!

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