Friday, September 9, 2011

Lost 3kg in 1 week

Just to share my diet program to the world.
I don't guarantee the result but I tried this and it works for me.

I tried this diet this week and it works.
It call Sugar Blocked diet.
I lost 3kg within 3 days.
Today is my last day for Sugar Blocked diet.

The Do (s)
* Eat only Eggs and Bean curd (eat whenever you hungry as your body need to burn your fat)
* Drink at least 3 litre of plain water daily. (sip it not gulp it. If you gulp the water you will keep going to toilet)
* You can have only one cup of plain coffee or soybean or full cream daily (NO SUGAR)
* Make sure you go to toilet do your 'big business' every morning. If cannot go , please go pharmacy buy fibre tablet

The Don't (s)
* No salt
* No sugar
* no other food except for mentioned

If you are coffee drinker the only you can take black coffee with NO sugar or milk. Basically plain coffee.

How I feel now?
I feel quite happy with the result because I lost 3kg.
But I am sick of eggs and Beancurd by the end of the week. :)

2nd week, I  will go for other kind of diet.
My target will be another 3kg.
I will eat healthily after reaching my target weight.

Reason of this diet to make myself healthier after this. My knee not able to support my current weight.

Glad today is Friday.

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