Friday, September 16, 2011

Working and Waiting

Dear world!

Here I am  waiting at 5:30am..for cab
He coming or not coming ... I just pray hard to meet good people this morning.

Woke up since 4:30am to wash my long hair. Ah!!! should have gone to the hair salon earlier the length.
Last night by 10:30pm still replying emails for working.
Look like this will be a working and vacation trip.
I wonder how my trip would be .

Me keep telling people my journey to beijing only will take 3hours.
Whenever , I said that people will ask me which airline I will take.
I wonder!!!

Then when I checked my ticket ....ah! the journey will take 6 hours at least.
No wonder .... people face are disbelief when I said I will reach 3 hours later.
mmmmm my bad.. will be reaching there at 3:30pm and my flight depart at 9:30am.

Goodbye everyone I am one step to reach my dreams to visit the place I believe I was born in my last life.... weird thinking????

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