Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spicy Chickpea Snack

Spicy chickpea

* Can of chickpea (drain the water) put in the bowl
* throw in dash of chilli powder,black pepper,salt,cajun spice to taste
* add in olive oil then mix it well in bowl
* spread out your chickpea on your baking tray then bake it for 15 - 25 minutes

( you can season with whatever spice you curry powder or whatever... my seasoning for this one base on whatever I can find from my fridge)

Good snack though!!!! love it... ppssssstttttt this is my first time bake this snack hehehehe... read below my tragedy while preparing this snack kekekekeke...

I feel like snacking something...
Since I just got back home on Wednesday morning ...around 2:30am reached home after long tiring 2 hours and 40 minutes flight from Yangon.
I am too lazy to drive out for food.
Thought of ordering pizza but not worth it since I can't eat it all by myself and cost around RM40++ just for meal. Ahhhhh!!!1

I digged out on the kitchen and found this can of chickpea which going to expire on Dec this year.
I realise it was there since I don't really know how to open a can with can opener...
Yeah!!! I am bad at motor skillsssss.. and this can happen to be needed can opener.

I can say desperate for snack and decided to use the knife to open the can...
Yup! manage to open the can with knife.... yippppeeeyyyyy!!!!!! but.........
uuhuhuhuhuhuh after the knife leave me one dot and wound to my hand after I accidently poke my hand with knife.... bleeding heavily though and have to apply aloe vera gel on it. Left me with blue black mark on my hand for this chickpea snack.

This is my hardship while preparing a simple snack for myself uhuhuhuhuhu.... how nice if my mum could prepare all this for me!!!!

p/s I am still trying to upload photo on my myanmar trip...ahhhh.... hate it... connection damn slow!!!

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