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Valued Voice
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Miss Shanghai

 I feel like going to Shanghai again next year.......
Me with my spectacles after touch down from early morning flight and straight for was so freaking cold that time and its wet season
Too lazy to upload more photos

Next year I need to explore more of China and this time for a long time......Ah! so miss Shanghai....
Last year I was in Bali during Christmas. This year I will be in Malaysia and be a good girl during Christmas and New Year. Good girl!!!! eheh


  1. are really a princess I should are blessed to have an opportunity to Shanghai..I am half-Chinese Filipina and my grandpa is from China..I would love to one day visit the great wall of China..morning Rina ;)

  2. Sie Good morning! I love China no matter what hahaha... love their culture and beautiful scene....


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