Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh my Shopping Spree

How I wish I could upload some photos to my online diary....

I love year end and Christmas season.
A season of giving , love and gift... mmmmmm talking about that... this year Christmas dinner is not fix yet??? owh!!! need to contact Jamie and Dom soonest to lock my busy schedule.

Last night , I like it..
I was on shopping spree at Crabtree & Evelyn using somebody credit card.
hahahaha.... even though not a single item bought is for me, I am still happy! happy ! happy!
Happy to spend money and bought beautiful things.... WOW!!!!! that is the feeling hahahahahaha.... so worth it to suffer the whole week and end the suffering with a blast like last night!

I am so.... so ... into shopping therapy..kekekeke

The night before was at Mark & Spencer swiping the card for the company.... Oh! I love it!

When do you think... I can swipe this card at Harrods????
Yeay yeay..I will be slaughtered by somebody if I did this hehehehe.... whatever.. thank you for trusting me with the card hahaha.... the card is safe with me!

How I wish if I find a rich Prince like this?
Suit a Princess like me..huh..... I need to wake up fast....

Have good weekend everybody!!!! I will be working from home this weekend but still will enjoy my quality time as much as possible.

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