Valued Voice

Valued Voice
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Craving for my favourite

Only 2nd day at foreign country, feeling sick and I already craving for my favourite nasi lemak

or a mix rice at my Devi's Corner , Bangsar.... huhuhuh wanna eat my favourite food!!!!

Ah!!! tonight many of you counting down for Christmas??? mmmm.... what should I do tonight???
Shall I join this gay club near my hotel here??? hahahaha..... me the original one posing like on fake.... what am I babbling about hhhehehehe.... let the time go by itself tonight... I definately have fun ..... wohohohohohoh Happy holiday and Rest and Relax!!!!

I am going to that South Sea Legend place for sunset sight seeing later..... hope she don't give me one way ticket. Well , I don't wear green so she not interested to invite me for party down into her kingdom under the seaworld!!!! Nothing to worry I will be safe and be back to my room.


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