Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Doctor and me

When you feel like mental breakdown the best thing to do is talking to somebody.
I am very shy to talk about my stress to people around me.
So I decided to go to the nearest clinic and let it go to the doctor.
Doctor is the stranger.... so if I feel embarrass then I don't have to see her again.

The doctor is mid 30s lady.

Doctor : How can help you?
Me : I eat I throw up and I feel difficulties to breathe then I can't sleep too..
Doctor : Are you stress?
Me : Nooooo...
Doctor : Then anything bother you? .... work? how is your work?
Me : uwaaaaaaaaaaa.... I have to do many things and i feel burden until I difficult to breathe now.... and me continue my whining bla bla bla bla     and with uuuuwwwwaaaaaaa.... sob sob (talking with my tears rolling down like raining cat and dog)
Doctor : (quickly hand me box of tissue) shhhhhhh.... poor girl.... so young stress like this...do you want me to give you anti stress pills?
Me : Dont want! ...isk isk sob sob
Doctor : ok ok ... I give you sleeping pills... you go back and try to sleep with it ok!!!
Me : mmmmmm ok...
Doctor : You don't feel stress again k.... try to talk to people to release your stress k..
Me : ok Doctor thanks!

This is the story of my breakdown time due to over stress due to over work.... seriously feel mental not so healthy right now!

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