Friday, December 9, 2011

End year Adventure

 Thanks to my friend for his thoughts - Chocolate from Italy

Life is unpredictable!
I decided to end my year 2011 with another traveling adventure.
I will be going off for a short trip less than 2 weeks from today.
Not China because the weather  now is not suitable for me!
I am afraid of cold...
Somewhere more tropical..with live active volcanoes and huge jungle and rich of culturals !!!

Best part ... I just booked myself a room at 'Gay Friendly' hotel!!!
Ouccchhh!!! not aware  about that until yesterday after all the booking fully confirmed...
Look like I will be meeting many handsome not straight man soon!!!!
God knows what will happen????

Wait for my next update after my wildest adventure!!!!

Tonight is Annual Dinner and God knows what to expect tonight...... so demotivated to attend function like this!!!  Big sigh!!!!!

Whatever it is since tomorrow is Saturday and today is Friday.... I am going to sing shalalalalalalalala....


  1. hi cindyrina..wherever you go, do have a great holiday..have fun, takes lots of pics to share with us.
    good luck with hotel, use disinfectant in the bathroom before you use it..heh heh. dont be too gay with the gays..the not straight ones will get jealous ha ha..take care

  2. Where to Rina? Indonesia? Or east Malaysia?

  3. hahaha..enjoy Rina..I'll be waiting for your next post ;)

  4. Wan : I will put that in mind hehehe....

    Dan : You are right!!!!Jogja to explore Borobudur.

    Jay : for sure will have fun

    Sie : Wait for coming soon post!


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