Thursday, December 29, 2011


Early morning flight - I need long black coffee to recharge

omelet to start my morning before landing in foreign land 

The 'Princess' & Prince - toilet sounds so grand here

My baby Min excited waiting to check in

This is not complimentary .... 

This Hotel newly launched 2 days ago and I am the first foreigner.... wahahahaha need to get use to this word foreigner here. I look like them and they see me as one of them.... mmmmm
Ah!!!!! this big bed all by myself..... so good!!!! rolling to right to the left and to the bottom and to the top..... yehaaaaaaaa...... feel like totally Princess!!!

The atmosphere feel so good......

Like normal people intro.... here goes the basin to wash face

Shower .....mmmmm thank God they don't give me bath tub...due to hygiene purpose I prefer shower than bath tub in room I stay in..

The toilet bowl kekeekeke.... the painting should be in front so I could enjoy the painting while doing morning business... well this is my logically speaking hahahaha who enjoy the painting from behind hahaha

well..... after all the good thing I sighted..... Oh Damn!!!! the view is so shabby from my room.... anyway God Bless for all the safe landing and here goes the adventure for 4 nights in Jogja!!!!!
Stay tune for the next episode....
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* Borobudur- I go with the crowd
* Ketep Pass - Where is Mount Merapi? 
* Kali Putih - Mount Merapi Lava 
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* Jogja Food I ate

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