Friday, December 30, 2011

Jogja - Parangtritis Beach Legend

Swimming pool near seaside??? You can't swim on this beach due to the fierce current

 ride this AV with IDR50,000 per half hour

Don't really like the feel of this beach.
My Driver was very shocked when we went through the one and half hour journey ride to this beach and I only stay there for only barely half hour.
The sand was dark in color and I guess this is from Merapi Lava which erupted in end of last year 2010.

Talking about the legend.... very interesting because I heard about this legend since I small... oopppsss I mean I read it somewhere during my primary school. Yup ! I love to read all those tales.

Nyai Loro Kidul is a Javanese Goddess or another name for her is Queen of South Sea or her real name is Dewi Kandita and also many other name for her. Google it please!!! hehehe

Well in summary the legend goes like this , Dewi Kandita suffer from strange skin disease with bodies covered with scabies and smell like fish. Dewi Kandita was chased out to the forest. Here goes the young princess alone no where to go. sob sob...
She walk and walk and walk and finally arrived at the beach and meet this young and handsome man. wow!!!!! how exciting!!!!
The young man promised to cure her diseased. The young man then asked Dewi Kandita to chase after him as he ran along the beach.... well at this stage please my readers imagine the love story scene with couple running chasing each other along the seaside hehehehe... more dramatic.
Dewi Kandita chased after him then.... jeng jeng... the young man disappeared into the water.... Blink!!!!
She chased after after him and finally her body touch the water..... Blink again!!!!
Out of surprise her scabies gone!!! Wow!!! magic!!!!
but... strange she could not move her leg. Half her body from waist down turn into body of fish... mermaid???? sea nymph???? google it for full story... there are many version though.

Many believe she has a kingdom under the sea and her favourite color is green.
So don't wear the green color or you will be invited ( cannot reject ok!!!) with one way ticket down to her underwater world. Interesting huh!!!

I read one of the hotel nearby have one room dedicated for her.
The room number is 308. Inside the room they hang her painting based on painters imagination on her look like.

Too bad I can't wait until sunset due to Christmas eve I decided to tell my driver to drive back to hotel... I was so so tired!!!!

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