Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Me Power Puff Girl

This is my confession!
Confession of everyday road user.
Driving to office trap in heavy jam and back home also have to go through all this horrible jam.
Whenever I am in traffic jam... here are my thought....


I wish I can just ride a bicycle to work....

I wish I could just abondon my car and walk on top of all those electric cable.... yeah! become roasted Rina then... 

I wish my car could grow wings and fly off up onto the sky

I wish I am hot witch!!! wink wink 

....... at the end I made up my mind!!!
I wish I am cute 'Bubble' from Power Puff Girl!!!!
Yippeyyy!!!! up to the sky girl!!!

I am dreaming again...... wake up!!!! Yeah! I go crazy again...all because of horrible traffic jam everywhere and everytime.... STRESS!!!!

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