Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My world of Entertainment

Last 2 weeks have been a nightmare with my own self conflict.
Normal... for us living person.
One day we are happy and next we are sad and next we gone crazy like mad woman.
I was so sick until feel like I want to die ... .yeah work stress...
Can't eat, headache, can't breathe, can't sleep, so suffer last 2 weeks.....
Admit it I loose with my own self egoistic attitude... stubborn case!
Self destructive attitude to be exact....mmmmm smells like DANGER!!!!

Manage to clear off my mind and go over this by burying  myself with all those addictive korean drama hehe... sleepless night in my own world after a week ... I am back to normal me..... yeah yeah sounds a bit immature but hey..... as long as I don't go crazy and kill myself, right!!!!

Flower Boy Ramyun - very entertaining!!!!

Man of Honor (Glorious Jane) - love the story line


  1. hi cindyrina, they way to unwind for most people are through music and movies. have a nice day

  2. Aww, you poor thing, but at least you found your place of comfort with the Korean dramas and movies, oh ya, and also blogs :)

  3. hello Rina..have plenty of rest ok and watching korean dramas can be a therapeutic..just enjoy what your doing ok and chill hehehe.. ;)

  4. Wan : Yup! listening to song is another way to make you calm

    Christy : Thanks.... hugs back!!!:)))

    Sie : Thank you ...yeah!!! korean drama very addictive!


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