Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jogja - Ramayana Ballet Show

When I was on the way to Hotel , the driver mentioned to me on this Ramayana Ballet Show. Since my agenda only start the next morning, I decided to check out the Ballet Show... fully ready before going down to wait for the car to pick me up from Hotel...fresh face you see here....

Waiting for car at lobby..... 

Suppose to watch the show at open theater near Prambanan Temple but end up at Purawisata due to the show at Prambanan cancelled 

with IDR160,000/person you could enjoy the show at this open air theater near Purawisata 

Nice place

add some fee you could enjoy the dinner before the show.... well I am not in the mood to eat dinner that night

There goes the show

Ramayana Ballet is a Javanese Dance performance.
Good experience with a combination of dance,drama and culture on one stage to present the legend of Ramayana.
The story and dance accompanied by gamelan music and the story was told by a female singer who described the play through Javanese song at a very distinctive high pitch voice. It could be very irritating to your ears if you kind of person who don't enjoy cultural performance. For me, I am open to any new experience.
Base on my understanding on the play.... and of course half way through I feel damn bored and almost fall asleep.... hehehehehe anyway, to summarised the play at my level,

* Kidnapping of Shinta by Rahwana
* Hanoman save Shinta
* Rahwana died
* Reunion of Rama & Shinta

Conclusion, interesting performance with colourful costume and with dash of fireballs act to make it more dramatic performance. Overall, I kind of like it even though I feel it kind of bored at half half due to my understanding level in Javanese language. Worth it!

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