Friday, December 23, 2011

Sick at Foreign Land

Reach early in the morning!
Hope they allow me to check in early.
Yeah Yeah... I know subject to the room availability.

I was out from house since 4:00 am to catch that 7:00am flight.
Yup! thanks to MAS don't know how to fly to that place direct and force me to take that AirAsia. 
AirAsia always fly at the odd hours which I hate the most.

I was sick since Monday.
As usual body heat and down with on and off fever.
Throat is dry like a dessert place.

Good luck to me to explore Jogyakarta with this kind of condition.
I am praying hard to God not to let me just stay in Hotel because of my health condition.

Fluaway!!!! Fever go away!!!! Headache go away!!! Cough go away!!!!

Good Health...I welcome you.....

Thank you God!!!! for looking after me always!!!

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