Monday, December 31, 2012

Year 2013 -bE hEaLtHy AND mOrE ThAnKfUl

Tomorrow is new year 2013.
We still breathing on this earth.....
We still surviving on this earth.....
What is your new year resolution?
More money?
Better future?
Be richer?
Handsome husband?
Better car?
Better home?
Be a CEO of company?
Lose weight?
Travel around the world?
Be more beautiful?
Oh well.... you can start list it down as many as you can...
No dream means .... it is end of your life...
Keep dreaming and try to make it happen...
Give yourself a realistic dreams....
For me...
Year 2013 , I just want to be with the flow...
Living my by day...
Live my life at the best....
Be a good person...
This is my promise to God!
enough of all know during Xmas day..I did something odd this year... I am in Malaysia.
Normally , I will be travelling around to some other country...
Oh well... since I just back from Seoul in November... so December need to stay in Malaysia and be a good girl...muahahaha
This is not my ferrari...
Never dream to ride into one also...
I prefer taller car...
Not this crampy shortie car...
Why I snap this car photo if I dont even like this car???
No la...
Just wanna show you the world..
When you have money are above the law...
See this car don't even have a number plate...
Can meh????

Xmas holiday also meh???
Haissshhhh... see this people ar...they don't even wanna catch this rich people but tiny little mistake of the average people like us and squeeze us to dry...wei!!!!!
Thats why le...  when you rich you can buy the law too.
Some people say money is power!
some people say money isn't everything...
Isn't everything????
Proof to me ... money isn't everything!!!!

heheheh...guess what ???
even that above the law ferrari also have to go through this heavy jam....
muahahaha.....I will take helicopter..if I am rich!
maybe those people not that rich...hahaha

heavy eyebag...from party last night!!!
Party ???
please... not my cup of tea.
Me watched korean dramas till dawn...
stupid korean freak!!!! muahahahaha

decided to ....give myself healthy treat...
Body Mind Soul...I go organic and vegetarian...

I love dark bitter ginger tea...
mmmm...they even give me spirulina tablet as starter...
But still have to take this for health reason...

never thought vege curry laksa minus the coconut milk plus the soya milk can taste this good!!!!
rating :5/5

My this brown rice with vege curry minus the coconut milk plus the soya milk
I love it so much... drink all the soup without any drop left...
So hungry meh!!!
of course le.... brunch at 3:30pm....
so call healthy life style of mine...
Happy new year 2013 www!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I discover this Kimchi Museum when I visited Coex Mall near Gangnam-Gu.
With a small fees I learned about kimchi.
Overthere I learned about History of Kimchi, Types of Kimchi, Nutritional benefits of kimchi and also I can taste as much kimchi I want....muahahahaha thats the best part!
What is main ingredient for kimchi?
mainly vegetables such as napa cabbage,radish,scallion or cucumber and many more.
Don't forget chilli peppers to spice up all kimchi....mmmmm...that is why all kimchi is red!
From kimchi you can cook kimchi stew,kimchi fried rice, kimchi pancake and many more...hey even spagetti you know!!!
Do you know that kimchi was introduce to Korea from Japan after the Japanese invasion.
There are white and red kimchi.
There sweet and sour kimchi and some even spicy salty one.
Kimchi is Korea's national dish and we can say this kimchi like akin to pasta in Italy.

This is kimchi storage during old time...but now most of korean household will have dedicated kimchi storage built in their house or apartment.
They even have seasonal kimchi.
Kimchi for Spring, Summer,autum, and winter.
Benefits of eating kimchi -
One serving can provide you 50% of daily need amount of vitamin C and carotene.
Kimchi also rich of vitamin A,B1,B2, calcium,iron and contains large number of lactic bacteria. 

See the signage??? inviting!

Since nobody as competitor....hehehehe me not do the kimchi tasting....but literally sat down and have my kimchi lunch...muahahahaha...delicious kimchi!!!!

After stomach full of kimchi...errkk!!!!
me sat down and read this korean folktales.....Red Bean Granny and The tiger!
Interesting story...

My full length self potrait without getting any help from stranger....ouch!!! so dark

This small children going to learn how to make kimchi soon...mmmmm me need to go because I have many places to stop later....muahahahaha...till next episode of Seoul exploration!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012


I came back from Seoul a month ago and still struggling to upload photos and stories of my journey to Seoul.
I am busy!
Busy means least I still have work to do and earn for my living.
....trying to see this as positive!
I discover this Tteok Museum by accident...I was walking back to hotel  in late evening after Palaces exploration since morning.....
This place loacated near Jongno 3-ga Station , Exit 6 and my hotel is near Exit 3. Not far leh....
Tteok or in english we call this as Rice cake is symbolic and oldest food of Korea since 2,000 years ago going back to the Three Kingdom's Period. If you are a fan of Korean Drama , remember FAITH star Lee Min Ho???
Back then they don't call Korea but old name is Goryeo.
I learned , there are 4 basic methods of preparation this Tteok.
* Boiled Tteok
* Steamed Tteok
* Pounded Tteok
* Fried Tteok
I get to taste this Tteok here and also I even bought some from Hyundai Mall.
Some taste sweet some just nice....but frankly speaking, I am not fan of Tteok.
I just love to buy and look at this Tteok!
Oh! well I love to see colorful thing...not necessary I have to eat them....muahahaha...another psycho statement from me....

Giant Steamed Tteok display outside.
Steamy hot you know...
Passers by will stop and touch this Gian Tteok...curiosity!!!! duh!

Nice yellow huh

sweet pink huh?

pretty color huh?

I am hungry and wanna give a try...
so I sat down and order some Tteok...
This is my first try...

look like mochi and taste like mochi too...
I like that dusty Tteok


I like this stir fried to order Tteok...
I go vegetarian Tteok.
Fried with capsicum, onion,jujube and other herbs...serious it taste refreshing.

order pot of tea...I can't remember what tea but one kind of herbs tea leaf.
It came with hot water flask for refill...not bad huh!

This is the view outside...
I was enjoying my Tteok with hot herbs tea at this chilling weather in Seoul!!!!
Lovely evening!
Great experience in Seoul!

You will find this two couple inviting you to take photo with them outside the sweet!

Spam Anonymous - GO FAR AWAY

For those who want to comment on my diary like above.....hehehehehe....SPAM YOU GO!!! and I will DELETE YOU FOREVER!!!!

So please , don't visit and give me this rubbish!!!!
You will never stand a chance to get your advertising publish HERE!!!!!

Go take it elsewhere!!!!

I am totally on my ANGRY BIRD MODE!!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

DOOMSDAY 21.12.2012

 Doomsday!!!! OMG!!!1
What should I do???
Shall I just stay at home and wait to die???
mmmm... like most of others...I just continue with my life.
I took leave because my stuck up dentist don't work on Saturday.
appointment at 12noon.
Damn I waited for almost 2 hours because the patient earlier have some complication in her implant.
Thank God, I brought my Pou and play the Pou poppers until my finger numb!
My turn came...that dentist insert in screw through up my gum.
Hurt wei!!!!
Then took impression and he say mmmmm...wait another 2 week and you are ready with new gadget in your mouth.
Crazy ar you dentist???
Gadget what???
Not like I can use this new tooth like GPS or something or cursing people but people hear as sweet talk...
Not like I can ask for increament using this new tooth!
I waited for 2 hours and you said something not funny at all...huh?
kick your ass!!!
Me totally on angry bird mode...wei!!!
anyway, I manage to ask that fella give me one day MC wei....yeay! Friday is MC not AL. Save my AL!

I reached there around I eat my brunch at Homst

Nyonya fried mee hoon with my ebook as my entertainment

By the time reached home around 5pm.
Whole day gone just like that.
I bought this thing and decided to challenge myself to assmble this thing.
I really don't have motor skill and decided to crack my head doing this on doomsday...

whoa!!! so difficult wei....feel like giving up...but mmmmm challenge is challenge

after 2 hours on the floor...
hhhehehehe... my pride!!!
Doomsday wardrobe...muahahahaha!!1
Have a good reborn weekend everybody!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012


Chinggu forwarded me email full of birdies and telling me on secret of old age.....meaningful especially for ageing people like me...mmmm ...can't believe I am under middle age category old woman ar???
I like it when the slide end with...
'Life end when you stop dreaming'