Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I prefer McD Apple Pie

Apple (green apple taste better!)

Pecan Nuts

The semi finish output! (yeah yeah horrible looking)

Ta da!!!!!! this is the finished output...

So! where is my apple pie???
I need to drive to the nearest Mc D drive through for one decent apple pie.
I know I know ... I will not bake again!
Next time I will just BUY!!!

Well this is my kitchen disaster from last weekend!
It takes time for me to clear the smell from the smoke which came out from the oven....


  1. Sorry about the burning! Good effort, though!

  2. ok Rina at least I discovered one thing..thank you for being so humble and sharing to us..admitting you can't bake that well..ok joke Rina hehehe..at least you've tried..it is a hard thing to bake and messy at times..but Rina practice makes it perfect..but then again buying a mcdo apple pie makes it faster and easier..grrrrrrrrrrr..you made my tummy roar..I love mcdo apple pie huhuhu..ok I'll have it delivered hahaha..passing by Rina ;)

  3. YummyChunklet! thank you...good experience for this lack of skill woman hehehe

  4. Sie! hahahaha...admit my lack of skill in this area hahahaha go out and buy much more easier!!! I should make that wise decision earlier before I end up burn down my kitchen.

  5. Hey, at least you tried!!:) Salutes you for making this decent looking pie, I am not sure whether I'd dare to post after baking..LOL!:D

  6. Christy! hahaha I am admiting to the whole world for my lack of skill in baking kakakakaka

  7. Hello. I think the reason why the sugar from the caramelized apple was burnt is because they seep out of the puff. Maybe you didn't pinch the edges enough to hold them in. So sorry it didn't work out.


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