Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jogja - Food I tried

I always never miss to try out on some of local food to place I travel.
In Jogja eventhough it was a short trip and not properly plan, I still manage to sample some of their must try food.

My hungry face on the first day in Jogja

1st day - Sour & Spicy Fresh Water Fish soup

2nd day - Sour & Spicy Seawater Fish Soup
Oh Gosh!!! fall in love with this refreshing soup, I ate this on the 1st day, 2nd day and last day - 3 times though!!! IDR28,000 per bowl

Can't remember this cake but was told it was made from pumpkin - not bad especially your left this overnight in the fridge and eat it cold ....mmmmm like pudding!

I bought this belgian chocolate wafel - love it!!!

one of the local dishes they serve during breakfast buffet - this is actually local porridge

Peyek small prawn for orange color and Peyek Undur undur laut, I bought when I visited Parangtritis beach
That undur undur laut is interesting. It look like fleece-hehehehe but taste like fish!

This one another local snack call don't know what but I know it made from rice. Love this one so much because it not sweet and like eating potato chip while watching movie
They served pecal or mix vegatable salad with peanut sauce - this is another local dish I found during breakfast. The sauce full of herbs and spicy

snake skin fruit , I bought on the way to Kali Putih. Left and righ during the journey to that place full of this tree and people are selling it. I asked my Driver to stop and I hop out to buy a bunch of this fruit.
Crunchy, sweet and full of fiber. Love it love it

noticed many local drink this , so decided to have one.
Cheh!!!! just a plain tea-nothing so special

I got this spicy noodles with the soup below from Es Teller - the famous recommended fast food outlet.
Not bad!

almost the same dessert -based is coconut milk and mix with all those sweet thing like glutinous rice, sesame and don't know what.They serve in very small bowls so decided to eat this 4 bowls on my last night in Jogja
I love this so much - they served this during breakfast and it called 'lumpur'
This local pancake made from pumpkin served with coconut milk sauce and eat with young coconut meat.
Me : What is this?
Cook : Lumpur?
Me : Mud?
Cook : Yes?
Me : (expression was like ewwwww).....mud???
Cook : No no no mud in here. We use pumpkin.
Me : OOOOOO... cook for me 2 mud hehehehe

Min Zhie and me boarding to fly back and both wearing the same shirt when we first enter Jogja.
Min Zhie and me was so excited for our next adventure this year!!!!
Where to???
mmmmm no plan until now... mine always ah hoc and love the thrill...... travelling will not start until May onwards.... depend on situation...heard this year will be a slowdown economic situation....

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