Thursday, January 26, 2012

Maxwell Hills

My first time visit to Maxwell Hill.
Just because I heard they have tulips up there.
Half an hour journey climbing up the hill with Jeep.
I spent 2 hours searching for tulips.
After almost 2 hours then finally asked the driver who are waiting to drive us down later.
Oh! what the heck!!!!
He told us no more tulips since 4 years ago....OMO!!!
That long?????

when people called me a Thai Girl even in a place I grew up... oh!!! what the heck!!!!


  1. tak de apa pun but magnificient view. less development and very well preserve flora and fauna!!!

  2. wah.. theme baru!...thai girl??.. sawadikap rina :p

  3. hi rina, lovely pics , thanks for sharing. i went only once to maxwell hill about 15 years ago. planned to stay a few nights just to relax...then found the main rest house haunted, we couldnt sleep at all.. end up staying only one night.. will never go there again-very very scary.ha ha.
    the fern tree as in your #10 pic is my favorite pokok. have a nice day

  4. Hi Dan! ya blue theme with new logo too...
    kob kun krab!!!!

  5. Hi Wan! ohhhh... haunted house?? scary!!! yeah! there are many abandoned rest house up there. I tried to look for hot coffee but only one cafe open but not up to my expectation so settled with my can white coffee instead.

  6. Love the photo of the purple/lavender flower!

  7. Hi YummyChunklet! that purple flower is morning glory!!!! :))) cheers!!!


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