Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are you the DADDY?

I was walking after my dessert hunting with my girlfriend one night.
We both separated after each bought 'GONG CHA' for second round dessert session.
She walked towards LRT station and I went down to the car park.

Well , that night I was wearing something more 'feminine like' dress with a 3 inches platform to compliment to that dress.... like my friend were saying I need to behave like a 'lady' tonight!

Shalalalalalalalala...taking the escalator down to car park with one hand one holding tight to my car key and another holding my 'GONG CHA'.
Still want to maintain feminine side of me by just holding the 'GONG CHA' when my heart is ripping out to sip it even once!
Ah!!!!!... maintain your composure...stay calm and you almost reach to your car and then get 'GET LOOSE' in there!!! I keep telling myself that.

Then I notice one man in front me...
Not bad looking...melted!
Good lean body built... mmmm...bet he has good abs!
Tall... aha!!!! my type!!!
dress smart!
Then browsing to the bottom...
Ceh!!! he is holding the diapers...
One baby pramp in front of him.
One pregnant woman in front of him...
So you are the culprit who make that woman body bloated huh????
A DADDY...huh!!!
My heart were screaming...SO UNFAIR!!!!
without realise (excuse)...
I was sipping hard to my 'GONG CHA'
I don't cross leg to show off those beautifully covered with sexy black panty hose leg anymore... loosen up baby and everything back to my normal standing position... YEAH man!!! real me come out!!!
I don't wait until I reach to the car park, my 'GONG CHA' was like half way gone
Yeah!!!! I totally 'GET LOOSE' on that escalator down...
Not successful to be a proper lady today!
I just 'GET LOOSE' all the time!
I can never pretend even a minute to be a poise lady !!!


  1. hi princess... wow wow, i think if you were with another girlfriend, you all will be laughing like "not poised" ladies.. when you saw the guy carrying a daper pack.. ha ha have a nice day

  2. Hahaha...don't look up only...look elsewhere, too!
    Funny post. A Daddy's cool day!!

  3. just be yourself Rina..though sometimes we need to be poise and everything..it is a good experience hehehe..hahaha..don't worry your partner will soon come ;)

  4. Hi Wan!
    Yeah...told my girlfriend...hillarious!!! she laugh like mad huwahahaha...

  5. Hi Balqis! yup!!! I shouldn't start thinking until I scan through all out...kekekeke lesson!!! Thank you for visiting dear!

  6. Sie! not worry at all....kekekekeke more than happy to stay single hahaha


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