Friday, February 17, 2012

Cucumber Kimchi Friday

Last night I choose cucumber kimchi since I have no appetite to eat... it has been 4 days unable to eat properly

I have a problem with my apetite lately.
mmmm.... don't feel like eating at all.
Last night back home with no energy to even lift up my finger to type sms on the mobile phone.
Lying down on bed while thinking what if God call me up suddenly... mmmm wait!!!
I still don't write my will yet.
I need to seek forgiven from my parent at least I know they forgive .... oooo if i did anything to hurt them without I realise.
I still don't clean my room yet.
My rubbish in the other room...not clean yet.
My bank accounts need to tell my parent so they claim it.
My car???? I need to tell them where I put my car grant...

Stop Stop...

Many rubbish came through my mind as I laid down with one hand on my stomache due to bad gastric.
I want to drink at least plain warm water but could not lift up my body to kitchen and boil one.

8:30pm... mmm i still awake and feel weak

10:00pm... eyes wide open and my mind feel hurt

11:30pm... ahhhhh... so tired but my mind keep thinking rubbish thing

1:30am.... woi!!!! what the heck???? I need to wake up at 5:30am and I already awake now???

I went to work with empty stomache since  I unable to bring myself to eat anything the day before and also I am a zombie who was counting all sheep in the world and still counting but my eyes still wide open...but mind tired.
I think too much again!
I am glad I am not a Prime Minister... if not I died as soon as I won the seat at White House!

Today will be busy the whole day eventhough its Friday... I can't sing its Friday as usual today...mmmm but I am glad weekend starting tomorrow.

Have a great weekend tomorrow everybody!!!!

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