Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sexy Lady for Baby

I saw this scene on the way to my yoga class.
This baby innocently peeping out his/her little head out to see the world.

Weird... moving thing and I am floating..
bright and shine light...
mmmmm fresh air....oh not really fresh...polluted air..
Where mummy wanna bring me????
my 1st immunation jab?
maybe this is in his/her mind

Well... baby this is new life...we are responsible to bring this new life to the world.
Huge responsible...to mould this new life to be a better person...

The other day I was doing some window shopping and while I was walking I notice this little boy in the baby pramp. I guess he is around 2 years old.
Parent was occupied browsing around for new stuff.
I saw this baby was happily watching .....
watching.... Oh my my my my......

obviously not a dancing frog....

 not teletubbies??? no more???

but...oh OMO OMO....SNSD??? skimpy long leg dancing queen?????

what happen with all that A B C???? where? where???

I wonder????

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