Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Slimming Centre not working!

credit to google image search 'Yuri SNSD hot abs'
I am one of those women who is obsess to loose weight using easy way but not to the extend to visit the slimming centre. Yeah! don't feel like wasting money for those craps!
I always believe there is no easy path for me to gain something..... and if there is... then there is a catch behind all...so I have to beware!
I blame my weakness to all those good food.... for my up and down weight gain and loss...hehehe...

I met this old friend of mine just now, I notice she gain a lot of weight since I last met her 3 years ago. She told me she tried many ways to loose weight which includes her losess of more than RM10,000 to slimming beauty centre.
Owwww!!!! and the result is totally you still round like this and look like 'pumpkin'?
That pumpkin word came out from my mouth as a response to her RM10,000 losess... she knows me well... my typical response to thing like this!
She still laugh heartily with my pumpkin response.

I interviewed her like those reporter will to dig out her experience.

She told me its all started when she bought one voucher through online for slimming package trial.
So she thought by using this trial she could just experience the treatment without signing.
She went there and end up signing up package RM3,998 even before she does the trial.... her tips to all who want to try out those trial voucher....

'Please go there with your strong mindset and not easy to get influence from those hardcore sales people'

Sum up the story...
she went for treatment every week and every week that salesperson manage to sell at least RM500 - RM1,000 more package to her. Yeah! she told me she regretted and she blamed it to her weakness. From RM3,998 her package worth RM10,986 within 2 months. Wow!!!! thanks to the convenient credit card installment babe!!!! Damage to the monthly pay check!

Her Treatment  :
* Hot Blanket
* cold wrap
* pinching machine ( she said she don't know what the machine called but it feels like pinching)
* sucking machine (again base on her feel during the treatment)
* then many other machine she can't remember....
* massage machine and many more...

She told me even the therapist who attended to her told these machinese doesn't even work if one person doesn't follow their diet.

Oh! their typical diet menu :
* No coffee,no tea,no soft drink only warm plain water
* eat only bean curd, chicken breast,egg and fish (no salt ,no soya sauce and to summarise this no falvour at all and no frying)

she told by just following this diet she lost 3 kg in 2 days and when she start eating as normal her weight back to original...
She said she can't resist the temptation and end up eat as normal 3 meals!

For all those women who thinking about the 'short cut' way to loose weight...NO SUCH THING!

That Yuri -SNSD get that fabulous abs through hardwork.
She eat only Steam breast Chicken everyday and workout for at least more than 5 hours a day!

Eat healthily and try to exercise to maintain your health!

To my friend... sorry to hear that and wish to see you stay healthy!

I will write on healthy diet share by my friend in my next post!
hahahaha... not many can really follow that diet including me...kekekeke

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