Saturday, March 31, 2012

Food is my happiness

appetizer on last Friday night - Ground nuts....sweet and lovely

Crystal clear shrimp dumplings - I love Dim Sum

House specialty fine fried noodles - shared this with my friend

I don't end my Friday meal with dessert but with appetizer???? hehehehe fried squid with spices

 Last Saturday morning coffee @ Otak Otak place

As usual my choice is Nasi Lemak

My friend goes for Roti Jala with Chicken Curry.... hohohohoho Saturday morning breakfast and my kind friend gave me 3 korean dramas yeayyyyyy....... thank you and in return breakfast on me hehehehe

 Last Saturday afternoon, another friend want me to accompany him to exchange his animation DVD and we end up having dinner at this Mamak place. He had Nasi Lemak with Squid

My choice is Paratha with filling...

Seafood curry laksa...can't remember when did I ate this???

Sunday night dinner appertiser

Northern style Fried Koay Teow

Chicken satay anyone????

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