Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Have a Good Life

I was so out of mind last Friday!
I was shopping grocerries for somebody!
Yeah! I am now like that Anne H in 'Devil Wear Prada'...Owwhhhh! what the heck!
My hand was holding the trolley full of food items while waiting for my milk tea at 'Gong Cha'.
Oh! well friend is buying for me.
After both get the drinks we go to separate ways.
I need to push trolley back to my car ...alone!!!
Oh! well.... why a single woman need this trolley full of food items???
Not in my life handling the trolley alone back to my car!!!
I just need a basket... ok!!!!
I am not good with this stuff...

The highlight of this babbling is....
I was saying goodbye to my friend...
While saying goodbye eyes caught one lady holding a big box brand 'Herbalife'.
Instead of saying ''Have a Good Weekend' to my friend....
I said.....
'Have a Good Life'
My friend was like......what? what?

Friend : Woi!!!! woman am I not having a good life??? huh???
Me : Ohhhhhh..... what????
Friend : You just said , 'Have a good life'
Me : Ohhh!!! I mean have a good weekend!!! kekekekekeke
Friend: Get yourself together , Woman!!!! hahahahaha... she can't stop laughing
Me : (with both hand holding hard to the trolley) Owwwhhhh!!!! what got into me????
Friend : Good night , Rina!!!! Are you sure you can reach your car safely with this condition???
Me : Ahhh!!! Good night!!! no worry!!!!

Then when I was taking down to that elevator to my car with that trolley....
OMG!!!! no magnet to that wheel or something????
Why on earth this trolley keep slipping down????
There are so many buttssssssss....I need to take care in front there!!!!
You!!! trolley don't slip down... please please..... I keep telling myself...
embarrasing moment on the way if the trolley really kiss all the buttssssss in front of me!!!!
Imagine that!!! uwaaaaaaaaa.... I can't let this happen!!!!!
One hand on the side rail holding tight!!!
The other pulling hard to that trolley...
I can feel my feet slipping in front with that trolley...damn it!!!
I can't let this happen to me on Friday night!!!
This mean disaster weekend start!!!!
I am pulling hard ...iyahhhhh iyahhhhh...don't slip don't slip
1st level..... iyahhhhh hand was so in pain!!!
2nd level iyaayaaahhhh ...oh damn!!! I am cursing...why is this happening to me????
Why I saw that lady in front was like so calm with her trolley????
Or am I the only one can't handle one trolley ????
mmmmm... finally down at car park...
Lucky!!! no embarrassing disaster! no mishap!!!! phewwwwww!!!!!

Thank God!!! you answer my prayer!!!

My friend, sms me she was like one crazy woman smiling alone in the lrt thinking about I just said to her that night!!!! Sorry gal!!! kekekekeke....

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