Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kuala Selangor Food

Watermelon and Cucumber juice blend

Regular ABC with rainbow ice cream

I am bitching to my friend about not giving me anything to eat...

My lunch at 3pm near Bukit Melawati - Rice with Chilli Prawn

my snack on the way to sekinchan...pop corn ...mmmmm still popping hot!!!

Roasted coconut anyone???

Coconut vinegar

I found this alien at this coconut stall

This is the roasted coconut....the outer shell is actually black...they cut it out. The coconut juice is freaking hot.... and the coconut flesh is tasty. Taste like nuts!
Since I am very impatient....yeah... 

My friend opt for 'panda' coconut... very nice fragrance and taste good too.....mmmmm I told my friend to pour my freaking hot coconut juice into this shell instead to get it cool off.

Tea time at 5pm - Have you tried 'Mee Udang Banjir' translation 'Flooded Prawn Noodles'

Here goes... boiled potatoes blend with dried shrimps mix with herbs gravy. The prawns is spectacular....

Prawn fried Koay Teow.... not bad !!!!

 My dinner at 9:30pm at Riverview side Seafood Restaurant

All time favourite... Chinese Fried Bread... I also came out with a tagline for this bread...

'Crispy from the outside , Fluffy in the inside....Olala... 

Kam Heong Lala

Kam Heong Bamboo Cockles

Dried Chilly Kam heong cockels

Seafood noodles

Breakfast coffee on Sunday morning

Nyonya style Curry mee

clay pot fried rice

teatime sambal chee cheong fun

with fried yong Tau foo

all time favourite honey with dangui...

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