Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Melawati Hill at Kuala Selangor

Self Drive ;

From KL City - you just head to Jln kuching turn off at Jln Ipoh/Kepong turning and keep left. Passing Jinjang, Kepong then Sri Damansara. Heads towards Sungai Buloh and follow Kuala Selangor.

From PJ City - head on the LDP highway to Sri Damansara passing One Utama, Curve, Toll then keep left to Sungai Buloh and head to Kuala Selangor.

My friend GPS called FE. MA. LE (oh! friend of mine so weird , he name his GPS that name because its FEMALE voice) ...Oh ya!!!! that FE. MA. LE. decided to bring us round and round then pay and pay and pay and pay and pay more to toll...yeah! we did a charity to the government last weekend.

What you can find in Bukit Melawati


Light house

 Beautiful view of Malacca Straights


Of course you have more things up there like poison well, royal burial, traitor's graveyard and many more...but I lost my interest to snap more photos...because I am too hungry. Even the monkey got to eat at 2pm. I ate my lunch at 3pm....huhuhuhuhu...

You can go up hill either by taking tramp but paying some fees or walk up. We opt to pay RM5 each to take the tramp up. Damn! bad mistake...should just walk up the hill. We then decided to walk up after half way of the journey. Serious if you walk, you could enjoy more good views and stop over to any place you like!


  1. wow it is such a relaxing scene Rina..the lighthouse looks so nice..I have always wished to go inside a lighthouse someday..oh ok monkeys scary..I get terrified with them roaming they bite ouch ouch..passing by Rina ;)

    1. Sie! nice place for relaxing....a bit scary I admit! especially me always afraid of animals even a cat!

  2. Goodness that I sometimes forget to explore the near places and rather prefer to travel out of this country for sightseeing. Thanks for reminding me that I need to look at the beautiful places we have like this Melawati to appreciate the nature within us.

  3. hi Nava! thank you for coming!!! yeah! I am now trying to explore the nearest to me. Beautiful and stunning view. Many good food too...wait for my Saturday morning post!


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