Tuesday, March 6, 2012


My friend just got himself a GPS.
So weekend time this fella will roaming me around town to search for food.
Hohohohoho knowing me likeeeeee to eat! eheh!

The GPS voice is woman voice so my lunatic friend name his GPS girlfriend as 'FE. MA. LE.
But his FE. MA. LE. totally have accent that really disturbing... her pronouciation totally need to brush up.

Sungei Besi become 'SANKAI BESI'

Sungei Buloh become ' SANKAI BULLOCK' which I mistakenly thought she said 'Sandra Bullock'

Teluk Intan become ' TK INT' .....

Oh! hello .... told my friend to make his FE. MA. LE. to shut up and go to sleep.
What happen next ???
My friend replied and rolled his eyes to me..... so now you lead the way...ok???

Ohohohoho..... friend!!!!! totally not ok...I don't know the way... wake your FE. MA. LE. up because I love to listen her talking.... ceeeeeh!!!! Plus... I want to go home...

You so sensitive one ...aaaarrr my friend..next time don't want to follow you. Hate you!!! Hate your FE.MA.LE. tooooooo :(

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